Army Institute of Business Administration (AIBA) Savar

Undergraduate Admission





1.         Admission in BBA program run by AIBA is open to all Bangladeshi male and female citizen provided they meet admission requirements. The program is also open to limited number of foreign students (male/female) in compliance with government rules on the subject. Any candidate having required qualification can apply for admission. The university announces admission circular in different dailies and through websites for the convenience of potential candidates.


Overview of Admission System


2.         AIBA seeks applications from candidates desiring admission in BBA programs by circulating and advertising in Bengali and English national daily newspapers, websites and through electronic media as deemed appropriate by the Academic Council. Candidates will be required to apply through website/ SMS with a prefixed amount of money (the amount will be decided by the Academic Council every year and which is non refundable). All eligible candidates will be called for written admission test (except SAT qualified candidates with requisite scores) and the list of eligible candidates will be posted on AIBA notice board and in website  minimum 07 (seven) days before the written admission test. Subsequently, basing on written test result a top-down list of Eligible Candidates for Viva-Voce will be displayed at AIBA Notice Board as well as in AIBA website on a specified date along with the date of interview/ viva voce. Every year the Academic Council will take decision regarding the number of candidates to be called for viva voce. After the completion of viva voce, the final merit list of candidates selected for the program will be displayed at AIBA Notice Board as well as in AIBA website with necessary instructions for completing admission procedures.




Eligibility for Admission


4.         Required Academic Background.   Candidates who passed HSC or A level examination in the year of admission test desiring to appear or a year before will be eligible to apply if he/she fulfills the following conditions:

a.         SSC and HSC Examination.    Minimum GPA of 3.50 in both SSC and HSC and combined GPA (adding GPA of both SSC and HSC examination) of 7.0 (six).


b.         GCE O/A Level Examination.         Minimum average grade point of 2.5 in GCE O-Level and 2.0 in GCE A-Level. Letter grades of O-Level and A-Level subjects are converted to grade points as A = 4, B = 3, C = 2, D = 1. Average grade point is calculated by averaging the grade points of 5 best grades for O-Level (including Mathematics) and the 3 best grades for A-Level. However, the candidate must not have any F grade in any subject of both levels. No waiver in written admission test is admissible  for SAT, IELT and GMAT.


5.             Review of Minimum Requirement.         Depending upon the requirement and prevailing circumstances in each academic year, the Academic Council may review the minimum requirement of candidates prior to approval of admission policy of each year.


6.       Selection Process Detail.         Selection of candidates will be done basing on their standing as per the combined merit list of the following:


a.         Written Admission Test.  All candidates less who are waived from written admission test for acceptable SAT score are required to sit for a written admission test. The total mark of the test is 100. Candidates are required to qualify separately in all the sections including part III of section-3 of written test. The qualifying percentage is 40%. Use of calculator is prohibited during the examination. The framework syllabus for the written test is as follows:


The examination will follow the internationally recognized SAT standard in terms of conventions, coverage and level of difficulty and will cover Mathematics, English, and Analytical Ability.


b.       Communication Test (Interview/Viva-Voce).           The candidates are selected for communication test based on their written test result. Panels of faculty members take the communication test/interview, which carry 25 marks.


c.         Performance in the Past Public Examinations.    The results of past public examinations will carry 25% of total weightage for the candidates. Detail calculation of performance weightage is shown below:


In calculating weightage on past public examinations, results of HSC/A level examination will be counted for 15% and SSC/O level will be counted for 10% of total weightage which make a total of 25% weightage. In both cases highest GPA holders (for example GPA 5.00 in the scale of 5.00) will receive full weightage in respective cases and candidates having just qualifying GPA (see Paragraph 5 above) will receive 8.00 weightage for HSC/A level and 5.00 weightage for SSC/O level examination. Candidates having GPA between highest and just eligible GPA will be calculated by following simple linear distribution method.


7.         Final Selection.          Final Selection will be made on the basis of merit with their combined marks in the written admission test (50% weightage), interview/ viva voce (25% weightage) and past examinations (25% weightage). Similarly, those who are waived from written admission test for acceptable SAT score will be taken into merit list from the combined marks obtained in the SAT score (50% weightage), interview/ viva voce (25% weightage) and past examinations (25% weightage).


8.             Subjects for Admission Test.     Admission test will be taken out of a total of 100 marks. Subjects of examination and distributions of marks are shown in the table below:


              a.     Subjects with Marks.





English Language and Communication




Analytical Ability






    b.     Syllabus for Admission Test.

English Language and Communication: (30 Marks)


Sentence correction.

Reading comprehension.

Synonyms and antonyms.

Appropriate word pairing/Analogy.




(2)        Mathematics: (40 Marks)


(a)        Operation with integers and decimals.

(b)        Operation with fractions.

(c)        Calculation of percents.

(d)        Average, weighted average.

(e)        Signed numbers.

(f)        Linear equation.

(g)        Exponents.

(h)        Quadratic equations.

(j)        Literal expressions.

(k)        Roots and radicals.

(l)         Factoring and algebraic fractions.

(m)       Inequalities.

(n)        Areas of different shapes.

(o)        Perimeters.

(p)        Volumes.

(q)        Angles, triangles.

(r)        Parallel lines.

(s)        Polygons.

(t)         Coordinate geometry.


(3)        Analytical Ability/ General Aptitude: (30 Marks)

(a)        Data sufficiency.

(b)        Critical reasoning.

(c)        Analytical writing.

                        I.     Analysis of an issue.

                        II.     Analysis of an argument


9.         Duration of Admission Test.      The duration of admission test is 100 minutes.


10.       Date, Time and Place of Admission Test.     The date, time and place of written admission test will be mentioned in the admission advertisement which is to be circulated at least 3 or 4 weeks before the said test.


11.       Date, Time and Place of Interview.     List of eligible candidates for Interview/ Viva-Voce will be displayed at AIBA Notice Board as well as in AIBA website along with scheduled date and time of interview/ viva voce.  All candidates will have to report for the interview to Faculty of Business Studies (FBS).


12.       Final Merit and Waiting List.          Final top-down merit list along with waiting list  will be prepared as per the rules mentioned in paragraph 11 above and will be displayed at AIBA Notice Board as well as in AIBA website. 


13.       Medical Checkup.     Finally selected candidates will need to go for medical checkup in AIBA. If the medical authority considers any candidate is unfit for study in AIBA due to critical/ contagious/ mental diseases will be declared unsuitable for admission.


14.       Rules of Final Admission.     After completion of medical checkup, if he/she is found medically fit, candidates can get admitted through AIBA admission section by paying necessary admission and other fees.  However, following matters are to be kept in mind while taking admission:


a.         If any candidate fails to complete admission formalities within the prescribed date and time his/ her selection will be considered as cancelled automatically.

b.         If any student does not attend the class within two weeks of the commencement of class, his/her admission will be cancelled automatically.

c.         Admission will not be considered after 2 weeks of the commencement of the classes.

d.         Candidates failing to get admitted within the stipulated time may keep in touch with the admission section with the expression of interest to get admission. In such case, vacancies not filled from waiting list may be offered to them before publishing a new waiting list. 


15.       Candidate and Guardian’s Consent.           The selected candidates and their parents or guardians will be required to render consent certificate regarding terms and conditions of education, discipline, etc before final admission to the institute.

Degree Requirement

The degree requirements for the program are appended below:

a.         Passing of all courses (with minimum grade D) individually and maintaining a minimum cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 2.50 in 4.00 point rating scale at the end of the program.

b.         Completion of internship program with a minimum grade of C.

c.         Passing of comprehensive semester final examination (comprising syllabus of whole course) for all courses.